How to light up a house with exposed beams: a special case

A fundamental premise to consider when choosing the arrangement of light sources inside a home is the need to avoid annoying shaded areas, which can penalize the comfort of the space. In particular, the issue becomes pressing when it is necessary to answer the question ” how to illuminate a house with exposed beams “?

Everyone loves the warm colors of the wood and the bare planks that follow the sloping roof. But in such cases, it is not possible to attach chandeliers to the ceiling. It takes a good project that correctly arranges lamps and spotlights on the walls together with floor lamps and table lamps.

If you do not give up lighting from above, one option is offered by so-called profiles , structures made with industrial processing in which numerous spotlights can be housed. The profiles are anchored to the horizontal wooden planks that support the roof structure.

Lighting your home without pendant lamps: possibilities and suggestions
If the profiles do not satisfy our taste because in some way they disfigure the visual area of ​​a beautiful ceiling with exposed beams or made in a particular and valuable way, we must ask ourselves how to illuminate the house without pendant lamps or products that need to be anchored to the ceiling.

A good choice for creating modern lighting is the retractable spotlight bars that are easily applied to the walls, are functional and do not clutter visually. Wall lights are an alternative that allows you to obtain adequate lighting. At the same time, these are objects that help personalize the home environment.

Another situation in which it is not possible to insert light sources into the ceiling structure occurs when the vault of an apartment is very high, as happens for example in lofts. In this case, to illuminate the house without pendant chandeliers , you must choose wall lamps that must be applied at a man’s height.

A further essential tool to give light to a loft is constituted by floor lamps , the so-called floor lamps , which emit soft light or can be adjusted to direct the light beam in a specific area.

Not to be underestimated are table lamps either , ideal for furnishing and making the living room functional. In fact, they can be placed on the low table next to the sofa. They are perfect for reading in the evening in total tranquility or to give the right atmosphere to an evening spent chatting with friends and family.

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